Blog your way to fame, but nail your media tool kit first!

So you wanna be a blogger?

Any blogger worth their salt has a slick media tool kit. Just ask our own award winning bloggers here at Lucky 52, (Naomi Lewis  aka Naomi Narrative and Paul Thomas Bell) who agree wholeheartedly with this. A media tool kit? What? You mean a smartphone, a laptop and maybe a nice notepad and pen? A magnifying glass? Nope! By media tool kit we mean something completely different…


If you want to make it as a blogger and get work, you’ll want to provide potential sponsors and partners with a media tool kit. It’s not actually a tangible kit of tools, it’s a document, preferably an all singing, all dancing shiny looking PDF with all your blog and media related achievements and information stated on it.

Can’t they just click a link to my blog?

In a word, no. People don’t have too much time to faff around. You want to make it easy as possible for them to get a feel for your blogger status and be able to make a decision about you quickly. Naturally, as a blogger, you love writing. So this document will be as easy for you to create as a sandwich. Think of it as a media CV if you like.

Where do I begin with this?

Ok, so say it’s Donald’s Doughnuts. You’re telling the potential ‘doughnut donor’ why they should send you their doughnuts to eat and take photos of yourself eating the donuts looking sassy. (and then promote on your blog why they’re the best damn donuts in town) Except you’re not talking about what jobs you’ve had, you’re talking about who else’s donuts you’ve eaten and written about. Perhaps you’ve got a wealth of published magazine articles. Maybe you’ve been on a TV show or have interviewed famous celebrities. Better still, you might have won some amazing industry awards. Whatever your achievements are, get that info down on your PDF, doughnut queen!

Social media

Now for any blogger, your blogging and social media presence goes hand in hand. You must ensure that your social media channels are not only looking great online, but looking ace on your on shiny new media toolkit too. What we mean here is you must state which channels you actively use, the ones with the largest following. Include your number of followers, likers and average engagement levels, such as how many people have shared or liked your Facebook posts. At this stage, it’s probably best not to include your old Bebo or MySpace..

Blogging classes

If this chat about media toolkits has got you really wondering about improving your blog, why not pop along to one of our Wednesday night sessions? You’ll get to meet Naomi and Paul and learn some really valuable info! Give us a shout on or connect with any of us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.