Blogging for beginners is back and you’re all invited!

That’s right folks, our Blogging for Beginners workshops are back with a bang from September! 

For those of you who don’t know, our workshops are suited to people who either have personal blogs or those who blog as part of their business. 

b4b2                                   b4b1

We cover pretty much everything when it comes to blogs – from the best blog designs, to writing content suitable for the internet, to crafting images to include in your posts, to sourcing paid PR opportunities and of course, how to promote yourself on social media to increase your readership.


So, fancy it? 🚀

Oh and don’t forget that if you’re not able to make it along to our Glasgow workshop, we’d be more than happy to help anyway so drop us a line & we’ll see what we can do to help you take your blog to the next level!

Oh and we’ve got a Facebook group too where we share our blogging workshop focuses, as well as giving up each other a bit of support with our blogs – a good bunch to be a part of we think!


Remember, our next workshop is Thursday 7th September from 6.00pm – 8.30pm and will be every week from then, look forward to seeing you there!



Blog your way to fame, but nail your media tool kit first!

So you wanna be a blogger?

Any blogger worth their salt has a slick media tool kit. Just ask our own award winning bloggers here at Lucky 52, (Naomi Lewis  aka Naomi Narrative and Paul Thomas Bell) who agree wholeheartedly with this. A media tool kit? What? You mean a smartphone, a laptop and maybe a nice notepad and pen? A magnifying glass? Nope! By media tool kit we mean something completely different…


If you want to make it as a blogger and get work, you’ll want to provide potential sponsors and partners with a media tool kit. It’s not actually a tangible kit of tools, it’s a document, preferably an all singing, all dancing shiny looking PDF with all your blog and media related achievements and information stated on it.

Can’t they just click a link to my blog?

In a word, no. People don’t have too much time to faff around. You want to make it easy as possible for them to get a feel for your blogger status and be able to make a decision about you quickly. Naturally, as a blogger, you love writing. So this document will be as easy for you to create as a sandwich. Think of it as a media CV if you like.

Where do I begin with this?

Ok, so say it’s Donald’s Doughnuts. You’re telling the potential ‘doughnut donor’ why they should send you their doughnuts to eat and take photos of yourself eating the donuts looking sassy. (and then promote on your blog why they’re the best damn donuts in town) Except you’re not talking about what jobs you’ve had, you’re talking about who else’s donuts you’ve eaten and written about. Perhaps you’ve got a wealth of published magazine articles. Maybe you’ve been on a TV show or have interviewed famous celebrities. Better still, you might have won some amazing industry awards. Whatever your achievements are, get that info down on your PDF, doughnut queen!

Social media

Now for any blogger, your blogging and social media presence goes hand in hand. You must ensure that your social media channels are not only looking great online, but looking ace on your on shiny new media toolkit too. What we mean here is you must state which channels you actively use, the ones with the largest following. Include your number of followers, likers and average engagement levels, such as how many people have shared or liked your Facebook posts. At this stage, it’s probably best not to include your old Bebo or MySpace..

Blogging classes

If this chat about media toolkits has got you really wondering about improving your blog, why not pop along to one of our Wednesday night sessions? You’ll get to meet Naomi and Paul and learn some really valuable info! Give us a shout on enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or connect with any of us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.


Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 14.43.12

“Put it right there!” 8 dodgy handshakes you’ve probably experienced but wished you hadn’t!

Nobody likes a dodgy handshake!

We’ve all been there. A business meeting, the door opens, you politely exchange pleasantries and then as if in slow motion, the dodgy handshake..

Ever thought to yourself afterwards, “What was that?! A handshake? A dead fish perhaps? Nice guy though..” but what does it say about the person? Shy? Vulnerable? Dangerous? Ok now we’re getting carried away…

Just for fun, we’ve made a list of the worst handshakes we’ve encountered and what psychologists think about it. See how many you recognise, or maybe it’s you who needs to rethink your shake!

 1. The Sweaty Soldier Well, this one is usually down to nerves. Or maybe a problem with the air-con. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be nervous around us Sweaty Soldiers, we don’t bite!

2.The Dead Herring Uh-oh, the dreaded limp dead fish. This one is the worst. The hand is just flapping there but not actually doing anything, it’s powerless. Bonus point for this one if it’s a sweaty dead herring. Sadly this one is apparently low self esteem, but can also show disinterest.. Feel good, dead herrings!

3. The Hit and Run  This one is a quick grasp and then a release that feels like your hand being shoved aside. This handshake isn’t particularly warm and it’s one from someone who’s in a hurry to get rid of you. They’re all about their own agenda. Beware!

4. The Double Paw  Often used by politicians, this one signifies openness. It’s full of sincerity if the left hand is on top of your hand. However, if you feel the hand wandering up your wrist, your arms or your elbow, Mr Double Paw is after something!

5. The Muscle Man  The shaker is actually pulling your hand toward them, or you’re being pushed towards a chair or doorway, not really a handshake at all, it’s more like a mini-wrestle. This guy is dominant. They probably want to dominate you too!


6. Finger Vice When someone grabs your fingers and not your entire hand it is meant to keep you at a distance. These people are often insecure. If they crush your fingers too, they are trying to show power, which is also designed to keep you at arms (or fingers) length!

7. The Bone Cruncher  Squeezing your hand until you cringe is a bullying tactic to intimidate you. Stand up to the bone crunchers, or better still crunch them back.

8. Larry The Lobster   You know him, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid. Almost like a pincer or a crab claw and not even a proper shake, this guy is only touching you with their fingers and thumb. No palm contact. This person doesn’t want to touch you at all, let alone connect deeply. Psychologists may dub him to be a slippery character, but maybe you might want to rethink your own personal hygiene!

Interesting? It’s strange just how much you can tell about a character from a handshake isn’t it? Well.. it’s only down to theory really. We bet a you tenner you’ve just tried to shake the hand of the person sitting next to you while you’re reading this haven’t you?

If you’d like to share any shakin’ stories with us, drop us a line, and tell us if anyone’s lived up to their dodgy handshake! Catch us at enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or connect with us on Twitter, Instagram of Facebook! Always creative not corporate.



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Go Grandma Go! Make like our star pupil Joyce Williams’ by blogging your way to fame! (and we’ll help you!)


“To my surprise I think I am happier now than I have ever been. And it is a surprise. I hadn’t expected it. Maybe I am lucky with reasonable health, but I don’t think that this happiness is entirely health dependent. When you are young, it seems impossible that you could be happy living with a short life sentence doesn’t it? You can’t imagine what it is like to be old, wrinkled and rusty.” – Joyce Williams, 81 


For those of you who don’t know, we run regular blogging sessions for beginners here at Lucky 52 HQ. We were absolutely over the moon when we discovered that one of our blogging protégés, Joyce Williams, aka Grandma Williams has hit the press! A healthy double page spread in The Scottish Daily Record we may add. The 82 year old ‘silver surfer’ is living, breathing, writing proof that the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” is a load of garbage! She’s absolutely flying, she’s become a blogging whizz, with no signs of stopping. We couldn’t be happier for her.

Wonder Woman!

If you have a minute to spare, take a quick peek at Grandma Williams’ blog, like us you will be totally inspired about life! Here, you can read exciting tales of travelling, life as a thriving octogenarian, thoughts on culture, walking and even sex in your eighties. And why not?! We say go grandma go! Joyce is inspiration to everyone, not just in the blogging sense, although for 81, it is astonishing. Taking a leaf out of Joyce’s optimistic and free-spirited book on life is undoubtedly something that we could all be doing with!

If you fancy following in Grandma Williams blogging footsteps, our very own multi-award winning sex and dating blogger Naomi Lewis aka Naomi Narrative and our STV famous UK dating award winner Paul Thomas Bell lead the sessions along with the rest of us on a Wednesday night. You can learn all the tricks of the trade and how to become a successful blogger in your own right. Sessions are only £10.


Sound like a plan? Book a spot by email on enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Our Blogging For Beginners Success Stories

As some of you may already know, back in the middle of June we started our Blogging for Beginners classes and it has been a continued success ever since. Lucky 52 would not be the company it is today without the blogging successes of Naomi and Paul, something we pride ourselves on. But, I think we’re all a little bit bored of hearing our story, so let’s talk about Graham Wilson: Undrunk; Emma Eats and Grandma Williams- our Blogging for Beginners success stories, proving just how powerful blogging has become.

Emma and Joyce attended our very first class and have not left our side since and thank goodness for that, our Wednesday evening’s certainly wouldn’t be as exciting without their smiling faces and abundance of blog related questions. Graham joined us a little bit later in the game, about to embark on his very own blogging journey he decided to join the classes for a little bit of guidance. Bringing the class to tears more often than not, Graham has a really powerful story to tell and it’s been incredible watching his blog grow.

Let’s begin by talking about Emma Burke aka Emma Eats. A Dublin native who has recently moved to Glasgow, once enjoying the culinary scene of Dublin, Emma moved to Glasgow and decided to make a go of her blog. Having already blogged for over a year, Emma came to us for a bit of advice on improving her blog and well, let’s just say Emma now spends most her evenings in restaurants reviewing them for her blog. With the help of the blogging classes, Emma has utilized her Twitter more effectively and found a great growth in her blogger followers. Not only that, but she has become quite the name on the Glasgow food blogging scene, in fact, she’ll need to pencil you in her diary if you want to see her. Her blog has completely taken off and the Glasgow restaurants have noticed… not a bad lifestyle being invited out for free meals most evenings of the week!


Now, let’s talk about Joyce aka Grandma Williams, age 80,  Joyce Williams came to our Blogging for Beginners class in hope to start her blog about ageism. A self-confessed technophobe, like most people in their 80’s, Grandma Joyce has set up her blog, her twitter profile and her Facebook page with the help of the classes. Through consistent use of Twitter and constantly updating her Blog, Joyce has found her very own voice, which is humorous, to say the least. In fact, the feedback from her blog has been amazing, she has had quite a bit of attention surrounding her blog already. The writing is something that definitely came natural to Joyce and it is being noticed, additionally learning how to use all this new technology is incredible. Her perseverance and dedication to her blog are truly inspiring and we love reading it! As Joyce says ‘it’s given me a new lease of life’ and we can’t wait to see how big this blog will become.joyce-williams

And Lastly, but not least is Graham Wilson, as previously mentioned he joined the classes at the end of the first session and his blog is truly inspiring. One of the main reasons for Graham starting the blog was to  help at least one person. His blog focuses on the taboo subject of Alcoholism, Graham Bares all in his blog delving into his dark past. Now 3 years sober Graham would like to focus his blog on his journey and continued struggles. Already, the attention from his blog has been unbelievable, with many people reaching out to him, following his blog and Twitter. In fact, he is getting more attention online than his own tutors. With a growing number of followers and attention from the press, it seems like Graham Wilson Undrunk is set to be the next big blogging inspiration.


As much as we would like to take credit, it has all been down to their hard work and commitment to their blog and using Twitter to promote their blog. We are so proud and happy for them all, its great to see how far and how successful your blogs have become.



Bloggers blog awards

Naomi & Paul head to head again: Bloggers Blog Awards

Tension is high in the office. Why you ask? Well, Naomi and Paul are going head to head yet again for the title of the UK’s best Dating & Relationships blog. Having been up against each other at the UK Blog Awards already this year, they have found themselves in the same position once again, this time for the Bloggers Blog Awards. On the 1st of October, the pair will head down to Leeds where they will battle it out  with some of the country’s top writers. The competition is tougher than ever this year, only 5 people have been shortlisted, with Paul flying the flag for the boys.


The criteria the blogs were judged on to be shortlisted:

Blog style- Layouts, design & ease of use

Content- Well written, informed & engaging

Personality- Does the writing show the blogger’s personality?

Interaction- Are they engaging in comments, tweets etc?

Consistency- Do they upload regularly and consistently?

So, well done guys!! Their continued hard work and dedication to their Blogs has been recognised once again and this time the recognition comes from their fellow bloggers, so it’s all the more special.

The only problem for me now is…who to vote for? Let’s just see who buys me the best gift.


All votes must be cast by 11:59pm on the 18th of September. Click the link below to make your vote:

Get Voting!! And Good Luck to Naomi and Paul!!


Naomi Narrative and PTB on the big screen


As I sat alone in the office, listening to Snow Patrol, feeling sorry for myself after being left behind. Paul and Naomi were on the way to Edinburgh for The Late Show with Ewan Cameron, broadcasted on STV Glasgow and Edinburgh. For Naomi, it was her first time on the big screen, so naturally the nerves had to be calmed with some gin and tonics on the train ride over. As for Paul, well Paul is no stranger to the show, having been on a few months earlier. So, why were Paul and Naomi on the show? To talk about dating and relationships, of course!


After a few exchanges via Twitter (cliché) with Ewan Cameron of the Late Show, the two had a date set- Monday 20th June at 10:30pm- A Dating Bloggers Special. The show was off to a great start with the topic of Anal sex, it was at this point the viewers knew the content would definitely not be PG. From the get go, the atmosphere was light- hearted and the show was entertaining to say the least. Paul who owns the formal title of ‘Mr Saturday night’ and Naomi ‘Mrs everynight’ (jokingly said by Paul). Can I add, these nicknames are just humorous, there is no sincerity in them whatsoever, but for my entertainment feel free to call them by their new nicknames.

stv3                          stv2

The pair discussed why they started up the blogs- both due to bad past dating experiences- spurred on by friends, who found their stories far too hilarious to be left off the internet. Naomi only started her blog- The Naomi Narrative- August 2015 and Paul -PaulThomasBell.com- has only been writing his since July 2014. In this time they’ve managed to make a big name for themselves in the blogging and dating industry both being nominated for ‘Best Dating Blog’ award at the UK blog awards, which caught the producers eye.

Later in the show the two participated in a sex quiz, managing to get most of the answers correct, which is to be expected. The highlight was definitely Paul questioning what an inch is. Ewan certainly didn’t make it easy for them, but they powered through and managed to get most of the answers correct, all the while entertaining Ewan with their pre- answer discussion. Unfortunately, the show only lasted half an hour. They had great chemistry on the show, creating a light-hearted, entertaining atmosphere similar to that of the office. Only a minute example of laughs we have here at LUCKY 52.

For any future media enquiries please contact: Riona@Lucky52.co.uk and i’ll put you in touch with the pair.  Only joking, best catching them on Twitter. And If you missed the show, then not worry you can still catch it on STV player and I promise you it will be the best half hour of your evening. Not biased at all!


Riona Lucky 52-3