Blogging for beginners is back and you’re all invited!

That’s right folks, our Blogging for Beginners workshops are back with a bang from September! 

For those of you who don’t know, our workshops are suited to people who either have personal blogs or those who blog as part of their business. 

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We cover pretty much everything when it comes to blogs – from the best blog designs, to writing content suitable for the internet, to crafting images to include in your posts, to sourcing paid PR opportunities and of course, how to promote yourself on social media to increase your readership.


So, fancy it? 🚀

Oh and don’t forget that if you’re not able to make it along to our Glasgow workshop, we’d be more than happy to help anyway so drop us a line & we’ll see what we can do to help you take your blog to the next level!

Oh and we’ve got a Facebook group too where we share our blogging workshop focuses, as well as giving up each other a bit of support with our blogs – a good bunch to be a part of we think!


Remember, our next workshop is Thursday 7th September from 6.00pm – 8.30pm and will be every week from then, look forward to seeing you there!



Its #SocialMediaDay!!

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If you are a Twitter addict like we are here at LUCKY 52 then you will know today was #SocialMediaDay. You can only imagine our excitement. This meant a celebratory photo had to be taken with a bottle of prosecco (of course!). Here at LUCKY 52, our lives are surrounded by social media and from our own personal experiences we realise the importance of various social platforms for brands and businesses. Social media has got us to where we are today (Did you see Paul and Naomi on STV? #celebs) and that’s why we love it! Because of our passion for social media we have been able to transform social platforms for businesses. When social media has been utilised properly companies start to understand the importance and impact it can actually have.

social media day

In this day and age a website doesn’t quite do the trick anymore, it suggests the company is there. However social media, which is usually checked alongside the website, suggests the company is active. If a customer were to check out a business page and see a lack of social media presence they could be deterred from using the company. So to celebrate #SocialMediaDay we decided to write a wee post about the importance of social media for any business, large or small and new or old.

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Brand Awareness  

 Social media is an excellent tool to introduce people to a company or brand. They are channels for your companies voice, and by creating content it gives clients an opportunity to understand the company a little bit better. Social media gives new customers insight and identity to a company or can act as a reminder for existing customers. Social media allows you to give your company a personality, it’s a place where brands can act like people do- people prefer to do business with people not companies. Additionally, having a higher number of social media followers can improve trust and credibility in your brand.

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 Engagement and Loyalty

What is the most important element for businesses? Their clients and customers. And if they decide to engage with you via social media platforms (very common nowadays) and you are barely active, they could take their business elsewhere. This is especially true if you haven’t replied to their message or comment on Facebook or Twitter. Compliments and complaints are usually made on social media pages, by being active daily this means you can respond and try sort any problem or thank people for their nice reviews. By doing so,  you are actively engaging and humanizing the page. Social media allows brands and users to interact freely and quickly.

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Customer opportunities

Once you have built yourself up a following, you’ll have access to new customers and be able to interact with them. Twitter is invaluable in respect to this. By consistently posting on Facebook or Twitter, you are engaging with people who have liked your page, and having them engage in your posts allows it to easily spread to new customers. Posting often will only make your company look good. Every post, image, blog or video is an opportunity for someone to react which could lead to a potential visit from new customers. Even if your click through rates are low, the number of opportunities you have on social media is significant. Social media for businesses is not about popularity and being aware of this means you can best utilise your business social media page. Another benefit of social media means its easier for businesses to know their audience.

So… this is why we have a day to celebrate social media on social media (the irony!). It has become an important aspect to any person/ business and although people (mainly grandparents) complain about it being anti-social and that we should be out and about like they were ‘back in their day’, it really has become a useful and pragmatic tool for any person or company. And I think Andy Warhol may have been onto something before knowing the power of social media…

‘In the future everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes’– Andy Warhol

15 minute fame

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