Stat! Social media stats you’ll wanna know for 2017… or what’s left of it!

Say what?

Following industry trends and stats is paramount to what we do at Lucky 52. It’s 2017 and social media is media. Platforms such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook have revolutionised the way brands communicate. You’re not waiting for a newspaper or magazine or radio ad to find out where’s cool to eat on your birthday night out, you’re looking it up on your smartphone! Gone are the days when social media was simply a way to chat and ‘be social’ with your friends. Checking social media to find out about a brand is now the first thing you do when you wanna learn more. Hitting a restaurant? You’ll stake out their Facebook or Instagram first, you’ll even scroll to get the address, read reviews and look at photos before you book.. True?

Social media consumption

Since everyone is all about stats, here’s a selection of interesting stats that are worth knowing in 2017, or what’s left of it. Some of which are actually quite surprising but we’ll leave it up to you to read.

No hashtags?

Surprisingly, in a study by Locowise, apparently adding hashtags had zero effect on engagement rates. In fact, tweets without hashtags actually outperformed tweets which did contain hashtags. (Source: Adweek) Magic formula? It’s beneficial to focus more on the quality of your content than the hashtags themselves..


Market leaders on Instagram have reported engagement rate per-follower of 4.21%. This is 120 times higher than Twitter and 58 times higher than Facebook. (Source: Hootsuite.) This reinforces the popularity for Instagram for brands. Proof is in the pudding!

Play tag!

 (According to Simply Measured) This works and we do it all the time. Posts which are tagged with another user (56%) or location (79%) have considerably higher engagement rates! It’s great for getting new followers too and it’s always good if a brand gives you a shout out!

Tweet it out…

 When consumers complain on Twitter, apparently 78% of them want a response within an hour! (Source: Lithium) The lesson? Stay on top of your social media management and set up a What’s App group between your social media manager and the brand manager, so that complaints can be dealt with timely and effectively.

Click the link!

Did you know that including a link to click in a post is worth 92% of all user interaction with tweets. (Source: Hubspot) It’s an easy way of getting more engagement from your followers and better for sharing information!

Interesting stuff. If you’d like to chat, join the blogging sessions, manage your social media or chat consultancy, we’re all ears! Catch us on any of our social media channels (obviously) or enquiries@lucky52.co.uk 


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Wham, bam, Instagram! Are you making the most of yours?


So, what’s your favourite thing to take Instagram shots of? Food? Nights out? Architecture? We’ve been having a chat in the office about our favourite social media for personal use and what we like. Half of us prefer Instagram, others prefer Twitter. (Someone said Tumblr!) Anyway, if you’re into photography, Instagram is the way forward for you. Until Twitter decides to let you edit your pictures!

What’s the story?

Remember the good old days when you used to take photos of your food? Nope, neither do we, but that’s what we do, it’s become the norm! “Let’s arrange those tapas plates for an Instagram pic, then your dad starts getting stuck in before you’ve even got the camera out.” True story! The question is, are you getting the most out of your Instagram account? Do you share Instagram stories? Do you add locations when you take a pic? Do you put a link to shop in the bio? How about hashtags? (See an earlier blog on ‘Hashtags ain’t for the trashbag!’ for a quick guide!) We decided it was time to write a further ‘how to’ of Instagram Stories to help you get the best out of your account. You’re welcome!

You’re on your way to Insta-fame!

Instagram Stories

Ok, so you’ve got Snapchat, or you’ve at least heard of it. The principle is that you upload an image or video, which is visible to the audience for a certain time period, after which, it disappears forever. (Unless someone screen shots it, but that is another story!) Great for those snaps you’d rather forget. (Yes you’ve been there and we’ve seen your evidence!) So, Instagram stories is a bit like Snapchat, it’s not even a year old and it’s much more popular.

When you log on, you’ll see a row at the top of your screen with followers’ picture icons. You see the spinning circle above? This is spinning around the followers’ icon to show that they’ve published a new Instagram story. If you tap it, you’ll be able to watch it.  Be careful if you want to retain anonymity, Instagram stories shows who’s watched it. Great for business monitoring and engaging!

How often and what?

On a weekly basis, we recommend up to ten Instagram stories. These should ideally be relevant to what you’re looking to promote. Perhaps it’s a video of your business, perhaps you’re out and about, or in a cool destination or maybe you’ve got an offer running which you want to shout about. A static image is good, but a short video clip is great. Instagram stories is also good for sharing pre-recorded clips, allowing the creation of more curated content. Winning!

Location, text overlays and a hook!

Add your location, to show where you are or where you are gonna be. Overlay with text to talk about it! Add hashtags, emojis and anything you like really!  Hook your audience with some bait to encourage them to watch your stories to the end, perhaps you want to add a long info story and upload it in parts? It’s really up to you. According to one of our favourite sources Buffer – a good story’s retention rate is anywhere between 50- 60% and retention just means followers who are watching your stories to the end.

One last thing!

Oh, one more thing, don’t forget to engage with your followers. If someone comments on your pic, thank them, follow them and get some chat going. Brands should have a voice and when the voice speaks, the audience loves it. Trust us!


Like what you read? Wanna add or share anything, or need Instagram help? Perhaps you want the whole account taken off your hands? Maybe you want to start an Instagram account. Just give us a shout and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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Until next time..

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Hashtags ain’t for the the trash bag! #creativenotcorporate

Re-hash your hashtag etiquette!

If hashtag etiquette is clear as mud to you, have a nosey at our handy guide. Get the best out of your Instagram with good hashtags. 

Hands up who knows how to use hashtags properly? “Do I put them in the middle of a sentence?” “How many do I use?” “Do I make the hashtags up myself?” If you find yourself asking these questions frequently then we can help you.

We’ve got a natural thirst for learning here at Lucky 52 HQ and because of this we love looking at new ways to improve our clients’ social media accounts. Here’s some quick ‘n easy pearls of wisdom on the subject as we are often asked about hashtags and how to use them properly.

Build your brand

It might sound obvious, but kick off with consistency in your hashtags.  Simply create your hashtag. This means choosing a hashtag which you will then add to every post. The easiest is the name of your company. Say it’s Billy’s Burgers. Once you start posting pics, tag every pic with #billysburgers and once you’ve posted enough pictures with #billysburgers, if people want to look you up to see what your burger joint is like, they can usually find you quite easily.

Ask the audience!

Once you’ve started using your own hashtag, Instagrammers who are using your product or visiting your establishment will then start to use this hashtag. When they type it in to the text box, on the side of the hashtag, whatever it is, a number will pop up. This number shows the amount of times that this particular hashtag has been used. Say you type in #billysburgers and it has 400 then #billysburgerz has 450. You’ll see variations and different spellings. They won’t all relate to your account so pick the correct one. Reach out to your followers and say ‘Tag us in your pics’ it’s a tried and tested trick which often works pretty well in our experience!


Any other hashtags I should use?

So, depending on which type of account yours is, there’s literally millions of different hashtags you could use to gain you engagement and likes. Ok, so now we are on the subject let’s stick with Billy’s Burgers. This is a food account so you want to be adding foodie types of hashtags. Go for days of the week. Maybe it’s #meatfreemonday, hi vegans! or #tacotuesday, ole! Think about what your audience need and use that to come up with a hashtag. Maybe it’s #throwbackthursday or #tbt for short. There’s an opportunity right there. Post a great picture you took of a jaw-some big burger someone demolished last week. Or perhaps someone famous came into the place last year. Why not create your own quirky one and keep using it? It’s also worthwhile checking out what hashtags are trending related to your product. Google it and you’ll be all set, Twitter is good to check the daily trending hashtags.

(All this burger talk has got us drooling, sorry if you’re feeling it too!)

Beware of blunders!

Check your tags and read them out incase other words or meanings can be taken from it. A friend of ours once wrote a hashtag which said ‘kids who read‘ but the client initially it read it as ‘kids whore ad’ and luckily they saw the funny side. Unfortunately we can’t tell you who it was or we’d have to kill you. Mistakes happen, just be sure to double check!

Hold the spam!

It’s an idea to err on the side of caution of too many desperado hashtags. Unless you’ve just started an account and are gaining new followers, it can sometimes looks a bit spammy and could potentially risk engagement, followers or likes that you are looking for. We’re talking about the likes of #tagsforlikes, #like4like, #followbackinstantly. These could actually gain you more spam and you want to attract people who are actually interested in your brand rather than dodgy accounts.

Just one more thing..

Ok Columbo here.. Don’t put your hashtags in the sentence. ‘Look at this #amazing #big #BillyBurger #its #fivepounds’

Leave the hashtags out of the sentence. Put them at the end, or better still, create spaces underneath so that people can only see your hashtags if they press ‘more’. It just looks better.

Give us a shout if you want us to help you with your social media. All this is good advice, but we can completely take it out of your hands if you just don’t have the time! enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or catch us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


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There’s two brand-spanking Instagram features out, but what do they do?

The Archive Icon

So, you may have noticed the little stopwatch icon up in the corner of your Instagram screen and wondered what it does. Even if you do know, have you thought about how it can help your brand? Let’s say for talking’s sake you’ve had your Instagram account for quite a while now and you’ve decided to rebrand, or perhaps want to give the aesthetic of your account a little face-lift. Well, here’s where the archive icon comes in handy.


In the old days, if you wanted to freshen up your Instagram, the only way was to just delete the pics. But what if the pics had relevant likes and followers on there, or hashtags you needed or you simply don’t want to delete the post cos it was a cool pic? Now you don’t have to.


So how does it work? Well, what you do is click on the post you’d like to hide and voila! it disappears into your archive screen, leaving your account looking shiny and new. You can always come back to it at a later date.

The Insights Button

19400842_10209706615525686_1232354590_o 19400763_10209706634926171_1704402799_o

This is a breakthrough for Instagram, especially for business. (Although there’ll be some out there looking for reasons to be negative about it..) On one of our previous blogs, we talked about using insights on Facebook to watch your brand engagement live. Well, Instagram has now added a feature where you can do just that! This is great for brands who solely use Instagram as their social media platform of choice.

Clear as mud? Here’s what it all means.

Profile views = The number of times people looked at your profile.

Mentions = The number of Instagram posts which mention your Instagram.

Impressions =The total number of times all of your posts have been seen.

Reach = How many accounts saw your post.

Website clicks = The number of users who tapped your ‘link in bio’ section.

Email clicks = The number of users who tapped on your email contact section.

Posts =Your number of published Instagram.

Follower count = The number of Instagram accounts following you.

Branded hashtags = The number of Instagram posts incorporating your own branded hashtags.

It’s worth having a look at. Check out your account stats today and see what you can learn about your followers.

If you need any help, you know where we are!

Say hello at enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, we are always interested to hear from you. #creativenotcorporate


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Ace your social media campaign, you can thank us later..

Ok ok, we’re all human, but on social media, if mistakes are made, it’s shared in an instant. It’s easy to create the wrong impression about your brand.

Let’s help you get it right by looking at 5 ways social media complacency can have a negative impact on your campaign. (and how to avoid it..)

  1. Spelling and grammar. ‘Woop! Woop! That’s the sound of da police..‘ Yup, it’s the spelling and grammar police. We know it’s not everyone’s top priority to be a copywriting whizz, but for brands on social media, it looks lazy and unprofessional if your social media manager is a lil’ bit over-zealous with the apostrophes. Or if they haven’t quite mastered the difference between your and you’re. Bad copy makes us cringe. If word wizardry isn’t your forte, hire someone who can help you and it could save you time and reputation.

  1. Whoa! Hold off on the hard sell. If your content regularly screams ‘Sales!’ from the rooftops, it’s going to turn your target market off. We touched on this before in our last blog about Facebook. We like to think that social media gives your brand a voice and personality.  It’s also an informal way to compliment any factual information on the website. (Unless you don’t have a website yet, in which case, try to make a conscious effort to keep your content varied.)

  1. Variety is the spice of life. Repetitive content is boring. A content calendar should always be your social media manager’s best friend. Keep things interesting. Avoid too many posts with regurgitated sales-driven graphics. Try to think about it from an audience perspective. What do you like to see popping up in your feed? Envisage how this could work for your brand and talk to someone equipped to assist your strategy planning.
  1. Say goodbye to dodgy, grainy photos. There’s a crazy amount of picture editing apps available now, so it’s relatively easy to make average photos look great. Your audience are way more likely to engage with a post featuring a cool image,plus it will make your product or service look much more appealing. Take advantage of a free online tutorial about basic photography skills. Or, if you don’t have the time, hire a professional who can do it for you.

  1. Don’t forget to say hello to your fans! If people are taking the time to send messages on social media or if they like or retweet you, thank them. A little thank you goes a long way on social media and it’s also a great way to reach out and chat to your customers. Respond to Facebook messages and even negative reviews. You can really turn a bad review around if you’re seen to be acknowledging the issue. Thank your Instagram fans for their support and tagged images, then encourage them to upload more. In our experience, clients have become Insta-famous, purely because we encouraged followers to tag them in their pictures. Retweet. The more you reach out to your audience on a personal level, the more they’ll feel valued. If your audience feels valued, you’ll build brand loyalty. Result!

…….Is it us you’re looking for?

Wanna chat about anything you’ve read? We’d love to hear from you. Send us an email on enquiries@lucky52.co.uk or feel free to connect with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.



Why You Should Use Instagram For Your Business

Instagram has become a bit of a phenomenon over the last few years and it’s no secret as to why. This visual social media platform has become integral to the online world and is slowly starting to become a necessary tool for businesses everywhere. So why might you ask? Well, have a look… the stats speak for themselves!

Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users

Instagram users have shared over 40 billion photos to date.

Users share an average of 95 million photos and videos per day.

Instagram users ‘like’ 4.2 million posts per day. It is all about the engagement.

Currently, 48.8% of brands use Instagram, by 2017 it is expected 70.7% of brands will use Instagram.

Top brands post 4.9 times per week on Instagram, an increase if more than 50% over 2015.

60% of top brands use a consistent filter. Pick your favourite filter and stick to it.

75% of Instagram users take action such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post.

Posts with at least one #, average 12.6% more engagement.

Pretty insightful stuff eh?

As a business or brand, it’s vital to consider the impact that an Instagram post or account can have on consumers, and with Instagram now introducing an e-commerce element to their platform, we’d be pretty foolish not to take advantage of this. The goal of any business, whether new or existing, if to effectively put their product or service in front of as many people as possible and social media is, undoubtedly, the way to do it, and that’s why people come to us!

Social media is easy, yep I said it. It’s so user friendly that anyone can do it and use it, but the trick is to do it right, and that in itself is not so easy. It takes a lot of time and research to effectively manage a brand’s social media platform and most businesses simply just don’t have the time or resources needed to put in the effort needed to see a significant return from their use of social media, and that’s where we come in.

If you’d like to know more about using Instagram for your business, or just to nab some tips about social media in general, feel free to drop me a line or give me a call and I’ll be happy to have a good natter!