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Hashtags ain’t for the the trash bag! #creativenotcorporate

Re-hash your hashtag etiquette!

If hashtag etiquette is clear as mud to you, have a nosey at our handy guide. Get the best out of your Instagram with good hashtags. 

Hands up who knows how to use hashtags properly? “Do I put them in the middle of a sentence?” “How many do I use?” “Do I make the hashtags up myself?” If you find yourself asking these questions frequently then we can help you.

We’ve got a natural thirst for learning here at Lucky 52 HQ and because of this we love looking at new ways to improve our clients’ social media accounts. Here’s some quick ‘n easy pearls of wisdom on the subject as we are often asked about hashtags and how to use them properly.

Build your brand

It might sound obvious, but kick off with consistency in your hashtags.  Simply create your hashtag. This means choosing a hashtag which you will then add to every post. The easiest is the name of your company. Say it’s Billy’s Burgers. Once you start posting pics, tag every pic with #billysburgers and once you’ve posted enough pictures with #billysburgers, if people want to look you up to see what your burger joint is like, they can usually find you quite easily.

Ask the audience!

Once you’ve started using your own hashtag, Instagrammers who are using your product or visiting your establishment will then start to use this hashtag. When they type it in to the text box, on the side of the hashtag, whatever it is, a number will pop up. This number shows the amount of times that this particular hashtag has been used. Say you type in #billysburgers and it has 400 then #billysburgerz has 450. You’ll see variations and different spellings. They won’t all relate to your account so pick the correct one. Reach out to your followers and say ‘Tag us in your pics’ it’s a tried and tested trick which often works pretty well in our experience!


Any other hashtags I should use?

So, depending on which type of account yours is, there’s literally millions of different hashtags you could use to gain you engagement and likes. Ok, so now we are on the subject let’s stick with Billy’s Burgers. This is a food account so you want to be adding foodie types of hashtags. Go for days of the week. Maybe it’s #meatfreemonday, hi vegans! or #tacotuesday, ole! Think about what your audience need and use that to come up with a hashtag. Maybe it’s #throwbackthursday or #tbt for short. There’s an opportunity right there. Post a great picture you took of a jaw-some big burger someone demolished last week. Or perhaps someone famous came into the place last year. Why not create your own quirky one and keep using it? It’s also worthwhile checking out what hashtags are trending related to your product. Google it and you’ll be all set, Twitter is good to check the daily trending hashtags.

(All this burger talk has got us drooling, sorry if you’re feeling it too!)

Beware of blunders!

Check your tags and read them out incase other words or meanings can be taken from it. A friend of ours once wrote a hashtag which said ‘kids who read‘ but the client initially it read it as ‘kids whore ad’ and luckily they saw the funny side. Unfortunately we can’t tell you who it was or we’d have to kill you. Mistakes happen, just be sure to double check!

Hold the spam!

It’s an idea to err on the side of caution of too many desperado hashtags. Unless you’ve just started an account and are gaining new followers, it can sometimes looks a bit spammy and could potentially risk engagement, followers or likes that you are looking for. We’re talking about the likes of #tagsforlikes, #like4like, #followbackinstantly. These could actually gain you more spam and you want to attract people who are actually interested in your brand rather than dodgy accounts.

Just one more thing..

Ok Columbo here.. Don’t put your hashtags in the sentence. ‘Look at this #amazing #big #BillyBurger #its #fivepounds’

Leave the hashtags out of the sentence. Put them at the end, or better still, create spaces underneath so that people can only see your hashtags if they press ‘more’. It just looks better.

Give us a shout if you want us to help you with your social media. All this is good advice, but we can completely take it out of your hands if you just don’t have the time! or catch us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.